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Founded in 1975, Texoma Regional Blood Center today provides blood, blood components, and special services to patients in Grayson, Fannin and Cooke Counties. The patients from the communities in these counties, depend on TRBC's generous volunteer blood donors and dedicated staff to make sure lifesaving blood is available when and where it is needed. Hospitals served are Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital-WNJ, Texoma Medical Center, Heritage Park, Red River Regional Hospital, and Muenster Memorial Hospital.

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For 36 years, Texoma Regional Blood Center has been committed to promoting excellence in transfusion medicine and related activities. TRBC is a member of America's Blood Centers, South Central Association of Blood Banks, is accredited by the AABB - American Association of Blood Banksand,and is licensed by the Food & Drug Administration and CLIA. These organizations play a major role in communicating advances in transfusion medicine nationwide.

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On April 1, 1975, the Texoma Regional Blood Center opened its doors for business and formally committed itself to provide the blood needs of the community. The establishment of Texoma Regional Blood Center represents the efforts of physicians, community leaders, and concerned individuals, determined to consolidate the blood delivery systems into an efficient program for the Texoma Region. It was soon realized that a new source of blood had to be developed to supply the Texoma area. Prior to that time, the primary source of blood was the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. It took less than one year for the blood bank to progress from a concept to a reality, through the concerted effort of many individuals and the overall acceptance by the community. Texoma Regional Blood Center was formed to provide the Texoma Region with the quantity and quality of blood and blood components needed by the patients in area hospitals and that is what it has done - met patient needs.